May 12th, 2004

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Maybe I'm just too tired to be happy. I got what I wanted and we're both okay with it. If things are all fixed I should be happy right? So why do I still feel miserable?
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yeah, i'm heading to bed

so today i saw a preview for a new wayan's brothers comedy (if you can call it that) about them posing as preppy white girls undercover or whatever. i told bud it was movies like that that make me not want to see movies. just finished lost in translation. movies like that make me still have faith in movies. it had nothing that would make it a hit movie and i can see why there were lots of people who didn't like it. but it told a story. the music was cool, too. i'm not sure why i'm not using capital letters, but i will say this, it is 300 in the morning.
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    City Girl music video on the dvd