September 8th, 2004


Gar grr fuck.

Pray for/think good thoughts about/give karma to Chris right now cause he's really down and having a hard time handling everything he's doing.

And his down mood has kind of reflected back to me. Plus we got our yearbooks today and I can not emphasize how much it sucks. There are two pictures of me (maybe three, but there is no index so I wouldn't know for certain, there could be a hundred) and one is a <sarcasm>great</sarcasm> shot of my cleavage. There is not one single caption in the entire thing. That is painful for me. In fact, let's go through page by page and do the list of what is wrong with this book:

1. No opening page, just a table of contents in really big font.
2. The music groups are covered, but most of the spots are missing pictures and have clipart obviously in place of a picture that was not taken.
3. WHOA! I found captions! Two random pages have captions. Let's take a look at one: "Preparing her artwork." WHO? For what? Why? Where? "Talking about what the art says." Who's talking? Who did the painting? These are not captions. These are the things that people in ten years will say when they see these pictures, and will then ask themselves who the hell that person in the picture is.
4. Sports pages have a story in 6pt font that covers a space the size of a wallet photo. Sports would.
5. There are five random pages for Autographs in the middle of the book.
6. There are pages for Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Graduating seniors. Seniors who did not graduate did not attend school this year, apparently.
7. At least half the juniors do not have pictures, just a randomly empty space where their mugshot should be.
8. There are another 5 random pages for autographs at the end. WTF?
9. There is nothing for ACT, save a few random candids from Sleeping Beauty.
10. There is nothing for Fish.
11. There is nothing for any of the other campus groups, except Music and Sports.
12. There is no attempt to apologize for any of this crap that is missing.
13. There is no copy anywhere except in sports. Nothing happened this year, or nothing worth writing about anyway.

You know, I partially feel bad because there are so few people who work on yearbook that it's hard to even put it together in the first place. But there are no standards. And some people would say that if I hate it so much then I should join and try to make it better. And I would. But I couldn't. If I joined I would do an ACT page and a Fish page and they would be properly done with copy and captions and a layout and no whitespace. And they wouldn't be able to use it because it would be make the rest of the yearbook look unbelievably bad in comparison. If they just had standards, I might even be able to cope, but there is NOTHING!!!!!!!! I would say that when I look at these again in 10 years I'll wonder who people are or why there isn't anything in it about the president resigning or any other important events, but I don't think I'm ever going to pick this thing up again.

Oh, and Jordan ate dinner at the table that hates me. *Sticks her tongue out at Motif people*

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What a day

I guess this is part two of today.

I got a call from my cooperating teacher today. He asked me to write 7-10 lessons based on the election that incorporated math. GEEZ. I hate politics. If you have any ideas, let me know. So far, I'm probably going to do two days on statistics and polls, a day on the electoral college vs. popular vote, and maybe even a day on balancing the budget. There were a few more suggestions that people gave me, but I don't know a whole lot about them so I have to look up info to see how to incorporate it. The interesting part is that I have to try and make them usable for all grade levels, 9-12. So not too hard for advanced algebra but not too easy for calculus. The good news is that as part of student teaching I have to create a unit from scratch--and this certainly can be it. So help me out, any of you who are politically-minded.

Other good news: I did my laundry today and all of my socks came out of the dryers with a matching pair. That is a first, for my life, I think.

And a final bittersweet news: a girl Anna is good friends with on campus just found out that she has an inoperable tumor wrapped around her spine. She's already in a lot of pain and sleeping 15 hours a day, but Anna doesn't know how much longer she has, cause she's not thinking like that. The good part is that she's Jewish...but she wants to be baptized! Anna said she didn't know what to cry about more, the good or the bad. I don't know her very well, but she seems like a very kind person. The other bad part of it is that she has no family, because of the Holocaust. And her family for the past few years at least has been her community of Jewish friends, who have stopped talking to her since she started reading the new testament. So while she's going through this she's also losing her family, again. Please keep her in your prayers, and thank God for bringing her to a faith full of hope.

And now I think I'm done posting for the day.
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