September 19th, 2004

oh no

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I hate Livejournal.

You might get an entry later, as the one I just typed got deleted, and currently I don't want to retype the whole thing again.

So let's try that entry again shall we?

So...yesterday was Celtic Fest. Went downtown with Jordan and Holly. I had fun, for the most part. I was a little tired/out of it so sometimes I wasn't as upbeat or energetic as I might normally have been, but I did have fun. Every now and then I felt a little like a third wheel, but that was neither Jordan nor Holly's fault as they did try to make sure I didn't..."Why are you walking behind us?" "I dunno." Anyway, after dinner Holly treated for dinner at Healy's and Jordan bought after dinner drinks and then we went to Blockbuster where they were again all rented out of Jersey Girl. For a movie that supposedly sucked and wasn't original and didn't do well in theaters (according to critics) it certainly seems to be renting very well. Also got a voucher for Man on Fire cause it was guaranteed in stock or free. We wouldn't have rented it had it been in stock, but we weren't walking out of there empty-handed, I tell you that much. So we ended up watching Clerks instead. I can't wait until JG and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind are both in the pre-viewed DVD 2 for $20 section of Blockbuster, cause then I'm buying them both and watching them whenever the heck I want to.

I didn't go to church today because I'm frustrated with the church on campus and the fact that it is making me dislike going to church period. I don't understand why we, a college campus with young people who are the most likely to attend, do not offer a contemporary service on campus. We have one (out of about 10) service that is called "Prayer and Praise" that happens every Sunday night and (from what I've been told) during that they sing contemporary praise music and pray. It is not meant to replace a regular Sunday morning service. And it's not just that I don't want hymns and want contemporary music instead, in a regular "Matins" service. I like hymns. It's that I don't like any of the services we use at all. The only service in the Blue hymnal that I like is "Divine Service II: First Setting" and we NEVER use that. Like ever. And the only reason I like that as opposed to the others is cause I grew up with that. And maybe it's just me but it seems like every other service has a bazillion times more chanting, and I really really don't like chanting. If I have to sing the Te Deum (Canticle 8, not even the one in the service that actually has different notes for every syllable) one more time I might throw something. Seriously.

Gar. Frustrated I am. So next week I'm gonna go with Anna, I think, to her church and see if it's any better. And I know that church isn't about what I get out of it, it's about praising God. But it's pretty hard for me to praise God when I want to throw things. [I might try Resurrection (the on-campus church) one more time because I think that they might use DS2:FS for Communion, but I'm not sure.]

Anyway, I cleaned my room today. And maybe I'll do some reading before I go to bed early so I can get up and print out some stuff and go to my school and maybe be back before my shift starts in the WC.

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