October 2nd, 2004

dream sad


So aside from Chris today was kind of sucky. I didn't get anything done, though I did THINK about my other lesson plans. They shouldn't take nearly as much time as the other one did, so I'm not too worried about it.

I also had my bank account go negative today. I scheduled a payment like a month ago for a credit card and forgot about it, and then since Concordia screwed up my check and I didn't get paid until Friday I haven't deposited it yet so there wasn't enough to cover the credit card payment so it's like negative 18 bucks right now. So that's going to suck a whole lot.

I'm ready to go to bed and start over tomorrow.
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2 and 2 equals one happy Lisa

except when LJ erases her posts...*hates on LJ*

So you know how sometimes you can know something for awhile but you don't realize how it affects something else until way later? I've known for a week that Chris was probably going to do this network certification thing, which only takes about 5 months, but it was just this morning when I finally realized how it was going to affect me.

"So, wait, Chris, if you do this network thing, doesn't that mean you'll be able to get a job and come over here and marry me a whole lot sooner?"

"Yes, Lisa, it does."

*Lisa grins like an idiot for 5 straight minutes at least*

On a completely different note, what the hell is wrong with the weather? It feels like winter outside. This is not funny, people. I mean, fall weather cold is one thing, but this is like frigid cold crap. It's practically freezing, people. I mean, it's 4 degrees C. FOUR! That's insane. I really think we should boycott winter this year. I tell you, I'm moving to Australia. Don't tempt me, I really will.
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