October 24th, 2004

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Well that was a day lost to any sort of productive work whatsoever

Woke up at 11 to find a message on my machine that said I was supposed to be in the theater at 10. Okay, I thought the thing didn't start until 1, but whatever.

Actually I woke up to Holly calling and abruptly ending a weird dream that was about to turn into a nightmare. I was in the army and I had just said a smart-alecky comment to somene who was higher up than me. So yeah, right before I got my ass chewed out in my dream Holly called to see if I wanted to go eat.

So I went and checked in at the theater, then went to eat, then spent from 11:30-4 in the theater in costume and from 12:30-3:45 sitting on the scaffolding as Rapunzel in the tower. Geez, it was so hot with that huge wig on. But the kids loved it. I had one girl run all around trying to find a prince who could get me out, and even asking the witch to let me go. It was so cute.

Then I ate dinner and went shopping with Holly. Jordan I am not allowed to do that again ever. First of all, you should have seen me in New York and Company. They had a wall of stuff that was $3.99. THREE NINETY NINE! So I got a whole cute student teaching outfit for 8.52 with tax. And right before that was Payless...it's a good thing I buy shoes maybe once a year. Cause I always manage to go there when they have their buy one, second half off sale. And I always find three pairs that I want. ALWAYS. So yeah, there's that. And let's see...shoelaces at Hot Topic. (I didn't even look at anything but the clearance rack there. I knew if I did I would be in trouble.) And Romeo and Juliet for $7.50 at Target on DVD. Along with two buckets that were 14 cents apiece. FOURTEEN CENTS! So I bought two. Cause I don't need them but they were fourteen cents. I'm a bargain whore. I really am. This is why I need to not go shopping with girls. Or Chris. And what else...a new top at Penny's and some stickers from Target as well. Then I stopped. I refused to look at anything else. I really did good except for the shoes. And I'm not even a shoe person.

Then on the way back we stopped at Blockbuster to look for Jersey Girl and the first one had twice as many copies than most...still all rented out. But at the second one, we were about to walk out when the manager guy asked if he could help us and we told him we wanted Jersey Girl and he looked on his little computer thing and then he pointed to the guy with the cart of newly returned movies and told us to ask him. We practically mobbed and ran down the poor guy but WE GOT A COPY! After trying to rent the damn thing for four weeks we finally got it! We were so happy, it was stupid. But we watched it and everyone loved it almost as much as I did. I really enjoy that movie. I am so buying it once it goes into the 2 for 20 on Blockbuster. It was just as good the second time. I really love Ben Affleck the more I see of him. Especially in off-screen commentary and stuff, because he just seems like a really funny great guy.

It was so great to hang out with Holly and Shannon though. I mean, I don't even know Shannon that much, but it was so nice to have a girl's night out. I hadn't realized how long it's really been since I've done that, just gone shopping or watched movies or hung out with girls. I spend most of my free time with Jordan or Jordan and Holly. Anna and Katie and Ashley and Sarah don't go out like that, or if they do they don't invite me. So that was really fun. It was just nice.

And tomorrow I have so much to do it's insane, including a full-clean of my room cause we have a mouse. At least I'm totally well again. Now I just have to get back on the waking up fucking early schedule again. Can someone explain to me why it takes me like a week and a half to get used to waking up early and two days to settle back in to staying up til 1:30 and sleeping till 10 or later? I swear I am going into the wrong profession, if only for that reason. To quote Hawkeye: "No wonder they execute people at dawn; who wants to be alive at 6 a.m.?"

Anyway, this is long enough. But I had a great day and I wanted to write about it.

P.S. Jordan, you did what?
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I want candy. Is it really bad that I'm about to go up to Seven Eleven to spend over 5 dollars on junk food, has to be over 5 so I can use my debit card...how bad is that?
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I gotta have some of your attention...give it to me!

The tree outside my window is absolutely beautiful. It's a rich gold color all over, but some leaves at the top are a darker copper color, it looks like God spread some red frosting on the top. The sun is shining on it and making the gold just glow, and I think it's reflecting back into my room. This is one of the two things I will miss about the midwest when I probably move somewhere warm: the colors of fall. The other is the way the world looks under a thick blanket of newfallen snow: pure and clean and just waiting to be romped through. I will not miss the cold that comes with the snow, however.

I will miss seeing snow falling in lights as well, but that's for a different reason.
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flogging molly

Screw student teaching, portfolios, and matrices. Anyone else want in while I'm screwing things?

I'm about ready to quit school and go be a groupie for Flogging Molly on their European tour. Jordan, wanna come? Anne you can join us if you want. I figure I can probably sell myself for spending money and the band will probably buy us alcohol so that's taken care of. Since we'll be groupies we'll be sleeping with the band members so that'll take care of places to stay. And they'll be so much Guinness flying around during concerts our skin will be very healthy, cause apparently that's good for it. I think I like this plan. It's even better than our Mexico one, Jordan. Let's go for it.

I probably shouldn't have had Amp today. I'm half tired and half wired and all annoyed at myself and incredibly distracted and unable to focus or want to work and only some of that is really to blame on the Amp. I have also been writing really badly constructed sentences today. I want new icons. I don't know what of. Well, I do know one...let's go make it now!

Ah, made. Not like it was hard or something.

I should go eat if I plan on eating tonight. Still very half-wired feeling. Son of a monkey.

I think I'll watch the new Red vs. Blue again.

Someone tie me down and make me do homework. Okay, first you can do naughty things to me, but homework after that okay?
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I'm a rover and I'm bound to sail away...can you love me anyway?

Jordan asked me what I wanted for my birthday.

So here's some things to give ideas to him or anyone else who is interested:

I like:
interesting jewelry, stuff that's different or unique
dress scarves
posters, esp. of movies that I like
Sandman, esp. Delirium stuff
pink, duh
fun math things, like funny t-shirts or things
red vs blue
invader zim, esp. Gir

I miss Australia.

Coupon books are fun cause they are homemade and personalized. Of course, if the person who receives it never uses the coupons then it might not be as fun...

I always liked the idea of little, random, fun or useful, inexpensive things, one for each year I was born, or something like that. This one can be a lot of fun and much more meaningful, too. Sometimes it's hard to find 22 things that are all cheap enough, though, so it wouldn't have to be one for each year.

I've been kind of wanting to read a few books that I really loved in high school for no good reason except that they were good books...The Late Great Me by Sandra Scoppettone, and Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster.

And of course there's always the standard, never-fail, Hot Topic anything. I have a Wish List for there. I also have one at Amazon.com. (If that link doesn't work just search under my full name, you'll find it.)

So yeah, hopefully that will give anyone who isn't sure some ideas.
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