November 7th, 2004

goodbye, lost in translation

Happy Birthday to me DAMMIT

Jordan will think the subject is funny.

So I got a few phone calls today, one from Brett (for no reason), one from my sister, one from my mommy (cut short when she realized that Law and Order was on), and one from Chris. Troy tried to call but I was out.

I got a few presents, too. A gift card to Border's from Katie, Ashley, and Sarah, and a Scooby notebook and a purple elephant from Anna. There's a story behind that, that even I had forgotten. And Holly bought me ice cream yesterday from Coldstone and today Jordan gave me Jersey Girl (YEA!!!!)

As far as stuff I got to do today, I saw Ben for awhile and that was nice, I wish I could have hung out with everyone after lunch. Then I went to a boring Open House at my school. And after that the rest of the evening I spent pretty much with Holly and Jordan. We went to Portillo's and then we watched Jersey Girl and then we went to get ice cream (again). After the ice cream we stopped back in my room to pick up Holly's keys and Jordan read some stuff he'd written this weekend. It was really vivid. I had my eyes closed while he was reading, but at one point I opened them, and I lost most of the images, so I kept them closed for the rest. Collapse )

Right before Jordan and Holly left I was really struck by a saddening realization. There weren't going to be too many more days like this, with the three of us just hanging out together. Pretty soon I'm going to graduate, whether or not they like it. Whether or not I like it. And six months after that everything's gonna be different. They'll be married and in Texas (they'll be married and in Texas) and I'll be who knows where. Hawaii? Here? Florida? Anywhere, really, I gave them a broad range of places to pick from. Things are going to be really different. And I'm really going to miss them.
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