December 15th, 2004

flowers in weeds

My portfolio...

And the verdict was in last night but instead of posting I ate ice cream with Anne and lamented being female (Jordan was there too). We watched "Friends" episodes as well. I've really missed days like yesterday. I did nothing. All day. And it felt great. I hung out with a friend and did nothing. Except laugh. And that felt great too.

And then I got sad, and talked to my best friend for awhile, and felt a little better.

And then I went to bed.

But anyway, the verdict is...I pass. And I did well. I got 4's on all of the standards but one, on which I got a 5. YAY ME! It was quite exciting.
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Friends can be really mean and hurtful. I'm not sure if they are also dense and stupid and don't realize that they can be or if they know exactly what they're doing.