December 17th, 2004

goodbye, lost in translation

Last post of the semester?

So I graduate tomorrow.

My cap is too big. I guess I have to wear my hair up instead of down like I had planned.

I keep getting asked if I'm excited. Truthfully, I don't feel all that excited. I didn't really feel all that excited when I graduated high school, either. Maybe because there was never really any question about it, it was always assumed that I'd go to college and graduate. I dunno. Maybe it's because I've been teaching for the past 3 months so I feel like I haven't really been a student for the past semester (granted I did more work this past semester than any of the previous ones combined, but still). I don't know.

If I think too hard about people that I won't be seeing on a daily basis anymore, my stomach hurts.

Ben Carnehl told me yesterday that he can't imagine "the CURF experience" without me. I practically cried. Okay, on the inside. But still, that was so flattering. I hope I can convince Jordan to do Ohio on the second weekend. We'll see.

Half my room is packed. It's weird because this time around I'm not ever coming back here. At least, not to live. I won't be carting a load of stuff down to Chicago again (but maybe I'll be carting a load of stuff down to Texas?).

I still hate money and don't even want to think about the fact that I probably won't get two jobs and probably won't save nearly as much as I hoped to save and if I'm lucky I'll probably pay off my laptop and my credit cards, if I'm lucky. I guess I'm feeling pessimistic right now. My stomach hurts.

I guess I should try to pack some more, or eat something. I guess.