January 18th, 2005

flogging molly

So update on my life...

I'm working mornings at Party City now, while we're resetting the whole store. Probably for about three weeks. It's going really well right now. I ended up staying late today and yesterday, so I might end up with forty hours this week. And I'm gonna be scheduled for forty next week, so that's cool. I am really trying to save up for a special Valentine's Day weekend with Jordan. I'm so excited about it. But I definitely need to save up some money for it. So I'm glad I'm getting these extra hours.

In other news...life is pretty steady right now. My parents seem so happy since my dad quit drinking. They cuddle almost every day on the couch watching tv, it's so cute. And my dad has been cooking a lot too. He's been in much better moods; he doesn't get really annoyed over ridiculous things (most of the time).

Jordan came to visit me this weekend. We went to Mt. Clemens to visit my aunt and he cooked dinner for us. It was really good, my aunt was impressed. She liked him, so do my parents. Anyway, we were going to go dancing at Club Fire or Ice but my directins sucked so we ended up driving around a lot, and we went to The Roseville Theater but I wasn't in the mood for heavy music, so we ended up just going back to my aunt's and watching tv and talking with her for a bit. (Sorry for the run-on sentence.) But I did get all dolled up and he looked really good too, so I thought I'd show you a picture...

I think that will be all for now.
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comfort food: Oreos and milk.

comfort drink: tea.

comfort movie: It used to be Three To Tango but it might be Lost In Translation now.

comfort book: Hind's Feet On High Places, or a Chicken Soup book.

comfort clothes: depends on the temp of the room...either my exercise shorts or my walgreen's pj pants, with a tee shirt and jordan's sweatshirt.

comfort outing: Going out to dinner with someone, or a movie, or taking a walk.

comfort company: Jordan.

comfort song: most anything on the cds I gave Jordan.