February 25th, 2005


Why did I graduate in December?

Gimme an L


Gimme an E


Gimme an F


Gimme a T


Gimme an O


Gimme a U


Gimme another T


What does that spell?

Yeah, Lisa's feeling sorry for herself right now.

I heard this word today, sunshine, it sounds familiar but I can't remember where I would know it from, anybody have any ideas?

I think I'm going to get a tatoo.

Wow, my space heater is pushing the cold air toward me as it warms up the room.

I ought to go to bed but that involves getting up, brushing my teeth, peeing, turning off the light, and making sure my floor is relatively clear (not a simple task) so my space heater can run while I sleep. That all sounds like way too much effort. It's easier to stay awake and sit here.

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

Maybe I'll go take quizzes at that sex site. Cause I'm bored.

Is it Monday yet?

I want to be warm again. I want to wear shorts and tank tops, and still be hot. It will be a long time before that happens, seeing as it's only February and it's Michigan so it will probably be cold until mid-April, maybe even May, and it won't be hot until late June.

I want to watch a thunderstorm. And have my puppy come sleep on my bed during it.

I want my touchpad to stop being annoying.

I suppose I should go to bed. Maybe I'll just lay here for awhile, I really don't want to get up.

What kind of music did Sinatra sing? Did it fit into a certain decade? I mean, I know he sang for years but would you say that the style of music he sang fit into a decade? Like, the Beach Boys sang for forty years but they sang the same king of music, 60's rock and roll, the whole time really. Did you know that they also are in the Guinness Book of World Recods for having the longest period of time between two number one hits?

I hate being wrong.
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La la la la la la la!

I am in a good mood. I'm in a cleaning mood. Let's see if it will last long enough to get my room not only clean but organized.

I actually went through every sock downstairs and paired them up. Probably about 50 pairs. That was fun. I'm sad, I know.
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