March 15th, 2005

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Spring Break: The Forgotten Episodes...

I neglected to mention the following Spring Break activities in which I was involved:

~damn APT test
~really cool double date with Alec and Ashley (and ask me how many times Jordan and I caught them kissing, I mean really...)
~Molly Malone's again, this time with me spilling ketchup EVERYWHERE
EDIT EDIT EDIT: ~Jordan and I painted a picture frame together, twas much fun and should not have been forgotten!

Hmmm...I think I left more stuff out still but ah, well. If I did someone remind me. I shall add it.

And lastly, I *sniff* changed my Yahoo password for the first time since I got the account seven years ago. It was still a five digit password. Yeah, that's how long ago I got it. Sigh.

And I got paid for subbing. Less than I would have made working eight hours a day for five days at Party City. Woo to the hoo. Or something else that sounds more excited.
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