March 17th, 2005

flogging molly

Do your boobs hang low can you swing them to and fro can you tie them in a knot...

Happy St. Patrick's Day.

I am not drinking Guinness at the moment, nor did I have any today. Shame, shame.

I have been wanting to watch Run, Lola, Run again recently. Maybe I shall.

And I need to buy Photoshop or something cause I am craving icons and icon-making.

Hmmmmmm...other than that, today has been good, tomorrow will probably be good. Life has been fairly good, as it usually is. I feel blessed. Maybe I'll do a count-my-blessings post soon.

Saturday I am probably going back over to the dark side and getting a cell phone. I know, I know. But I think I might not give many people the number, since I wouldn't really want to use it during the day anyway. In fact, I will be giving it to Jordan and my parents, and the only other person I can think of that I might give it to is Amber, if necessary. However, once I go to Texas or wherever I end up, I might use it as my primary phone and then I would give it out.

Times when I will not answer my cell phone (and probably won't even have it turned on):
1. When standing in line at any store, especially if I'm at the register paying, and the cashier is trying to talk to me.
2. At any restaurant, even Burger King.
3. When driving (but I don't have to worry about this one right now....grr).
4. On any date.
5. At the airport, esp. when boarding a plane.
6. Actually, at most public places. Phone conversations are not meant to be held in public. But particularly the ones mentioned above, where I find the use of them to be the most annoying.
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