March 24th, 2005

goodbye, lost in translation

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Jordan's having his tonsil's out today. Routine surgery, but say a prayer anyway. I'll post an update when his mom calls me after the surgery.

Lots of news!

So, Jordan is doing well. His throat hurts a lot, so he couldn't really talk to me, but his mom said that he's okay. They're watching for a fever, but he ate dinner and he's taking his medicine and stuff so that's good. The doctor said that his tonsils were "big and gross" so it's good that they're gone. Maybe now he won't be sick anymore!

In other news, Ben had me fill out a background check so that Roseville Party City can hire me...FULL TIME!!! This is really exciting. Tomorrow I'm calling my aunt because it means I would have to move in with her. She should be okay wih it, cause it was her suggestion originally. I'm going to miss my sisters a lot, but it will be so nice to have full-time work.

1. Ride my bike to and from work (if the weather EVER warms up!) and get exercise.
2. Might be able to find a part-time job also within walking distance.
3. Raise.
4. Forty hours a week.
5. Hang out with my cool aunt all the time.
6. Pay off credit cards faster
7. Might be able to get a car now.

1. Miss my family.
2. Michele's math grade is going to go down.
3. Not be able to see Amber (from Farmington Hills Party City) as much.
4. No Ben. He is a good manager. I shall miss him.
5. Some of the employees at Roseville might drive me NUTS. But for more money and hours I'll deal with it.