June 28th, 2005


Downer days...and a really whiney entry

Ugh, so today was really not so great. Exhausted, itchy, REALLY ANNOYING CUSTOMER, stupid racks that will scatter stickers on the floor daily, no one to complain to, and I hate (not having) money.

Really annoying customer: This lady asked her child no less than 15 times which kind of party she wanted, spider-man or pirates, and if she was SURE that she wanted pirates, which is what the kid replied with at least 66% of the time. I really was going to belt her.

And the real world sucks. I want to go hide in my parents rent-free basement for another year. Maybe then I can afford to start a life. I really hate money, and I really didn't feel like hearing about how some people don't have to worry about it. Did I ever mention that I really hated how Troy used to get so much financial aid that the school was paying him to go to school? Yeah.

And today I did laundry and cleaned and my room is still trashed. YAY!!! Can I throw stuff now?

On the upside, I had a great weekend that I will post about later because if I posted in the mood I am in now it would not sound very great.

Also, July fourth is less than a week away, which means patriotic stuff is not supposed to be returned anymore. Want to guess how many customers I'm going to have try this week?

EDIT: Yeah, so maybe it will start a fight. Aw, well. The highlight of my crappy day? I mentioned no one to complain to, well, that's cause I ended it by talking to my boyfriend for a grand total of about five minutes, where I got to hear about how all his money problems are gone.
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Well, watching Veronica Mars is a nice way to feel a little bit better before going to bed an hour and a half later than I should.