September 22nd, 2005

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The joy meme, do it if it brings you joy :)

10 Things That Bring Me Joy
1.Jordan Jordan makes me smile like no one else. And talking to him will always make me feel better. Unless we're fighting, but usually that ends with a smile cause neither of us can go to bed mad at the other. And usually the smile is big because things are better after the fight than they were before. Also, I especially love holding hands. That is wonderful.

2.A Good Book I love being totally immersed in a book that I could just read for hours. I did that a little this summer with Harry Potter but I haven't done that in while, and I miss it.

3.Standing in a Rainshower I love standing in the pouring rain. Usually lyrics from "Let it Rain" or "Million Pieces" by Newsboys, or "Bring on the Rain" by Jo Dee Messina go through my head, and I let the rain wash everything away. Maybe that's why Texas has been so hard. No rain to stand in.

4.Solving a Hard Math Problem Not just getting the answer, but solving it myself and figuring it out. It's just very satisfying to know that I figured it out, hopefully without any help.

5.Hugs Especially from someone who really means it, or is very huggable. They are warm and fuzzy and happy.

6.Good Grades on Quizzes My students understand something I taught! Yay! If you are a teacher or are going to be a teacher, only you will probably understand that.

7.Swimming in the Ocean I love the smell and the waves and the feel of the water and everything. I really enjoyed living near one and I want to again sometime. Preferably not near one where hurricanes happen, though...

8.Music Especially my Sad Mix and my Hard Grr Angry as F*&^ Agenda Of Rage Bitter White People Mix vol. 1.5. because both are designed to lift my spirits after I've listened to them.

9.Bringing Someone Else Joy It's always a wonderful feeling to make someone else laugh or smile or just be happier than they were before.

10.Singing Praise Songs With All of Me I wish I could put God here but I don't always feel the joy that I know other people feel in their faith. I wish I knew how to fix that but I don't right now. All I know to do is pray and hope that He will change it for me.
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It's really hard only seeing Jordan on weekends right now. So far that's been pretty easy as neither of us has had much planned on weekends that the other couldn't come to as well. But now...

This Friday I'm supposed to go to the middle school dance to chaperone or whatever and that's from 7-10. Which means if he comes here I won't see him for a good three hour chunk, after which it's my bedtime. And that's if he were to come here. If I were to go there I wouldn't even see him before the dance.

Next Saturday I have a workshop that's at least all morning if not half the afternoon as well. Again, this really hurts the amount of time we can spend together.

Argh, I can't wait until we get married. December...
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I actually redid my interests cause I didn't want to write about the ones it originally picked

LJ Interests meme results

  1. calculus:
    I have always loved this section of math. I think it's challenging and fun and one day I'd like to take Calc 4. Don't know if it will ever happen though.
  2. commenting to you:
    This was added during the very long comment thread between me and karkota a long while back. Haven't had the heart to take it off during any clean-ups yet.
  3. dogs:
    I'm a dog person, mostly. I like cats and all, but we've always had dogs and I miss Koko.
  4. friday:
    That is between Jordan and me and it shall stay there for now.
  5. insanity:
    Um, duh. It's me. I'm insane. Or at least I am sometimes.
  6. lost in translation:
    This is mine and Jordan's best friends in love movie. We're actually watching it again this weekend.
  7. pink:
    My favorite color since I knew the colors. Hot pink, specifically.
  8. roadtrips:
    I loved taking road trips with Jordan to St. Louis before we were together.
  9. storms:
    For the same reason everyone else loves them. And the standing in the rain reason as mentioned previously.
  10. weekends:
    That's when I get to see Jordan

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