November 3rd, 2005

gir duh

Sit around...or get candy? Decisions, decisions

I have no desire to do anything remotely productive. Which just means that I spend less time with Jordan and more time grading this weekend. D'oh.

In other news, I have reaffirmed my belief that dress code is the most arbitrary thing about school. At my school, aparently students may wear jackets. Along with that, they may wear sweatshirts that have zippers all the way down the front because those are jackets. They may not wear sweatshirts without zippers because those are not jackets. WTF? Honestly, I wish I could tell the students that I think the dress code is ridiculous, but that's a little out of line, I suppose. I just don't get it. I mean, what do all dress codes have in common? Usually they require modesty and try to keep sloppiness to a minimum (tuck in your shirt, wear a belt so your pants aren't around your ankles, no torn jeans), and at a Christian school, no un-Christian themes on shirts or pants. Those are what most dress codes have and those are things that I can stand by and agree with. But the rest? Why is it okay at this school to wear T-shirts and blue jeans but at this school that's not acceptable? Or why can my students wear Christian t-shirts but not solid color ones? Or why can pre-k kids wear Mickey Mouse on their clothing but middle schooler can't? Why can my students wear a jacket when we couldn't at LHWL (the school that was in a much colder climate with a much less working heating system)? These things are entirely arbitrary. But I have to enforce it.

Student council got the deal of "if the whole middle school can go 10 days without any dress code violations, then you can have one day of whatever you want to wear" today. Won't happen, in my opinion, but it will be fun to watch.

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