November 7th, 2005


Happy Birthday to Me!

So today started off really low. I had to leave Jordan and go to school, and neither sounded very promising. The worst was simply getting out of bed. But it slowly got better. My students sang Happy Birthday to me a few times (twice in one class after they heard me say I had a bad morning) and one student taped a poster to my desk and to the door that said "Happy Birthday." And after school Jennifer gave me a big Christmas bowl filled with some Christmas dish towels, candy, popcorn, chips, and a $15 gift card to Target for a movie, so I could have a movie night on my birthday. I bought The Story of Us, Titan A.E. and Bruce Almighty. I had Pizza Hut for dinner (which was excellent) with a beer and now I am currently watching The Story of Us and drinking wine and I am having quite a better birthday. Had quite a few phone calls, too. Candace and Michele left me voicemails, Brett called, Troy, and a MELLISA MARIE MORGAN WHO ROCKS MY WORLD along with a few other people sent me e-cards. Anywho, I'm going to get back to my movie, which I am enjoying. Have a good night all.
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    The Story of Us