November 20th, 2005

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Harry Potter

So I saw Goblet of Fire and I don't think anything I'm going to say is spoilery at all unless you've never read the book, and therefore have no idea of any plot points. Surprisingly, the only thing I found I didn't like was the fact that when Harry was in the first challenge and he flew over the courtyard there were people walking around below him. I think all of Hogwart's would be in the stands watching the event, and no more than one or two people, certainly not half a dozen or more, would be missing it. But other than that, I liked it. They changed a few things and left out a lot and it felt like it went very, very fast but that has to be expected. I enjoyed Voldemort, he was quite creepy. It's funny, cause they changed a whole lot and when they changed a few little things in the 3rd movie I was very critical of it (really overanalyzed every detail with Troy afterward) but it didn't bother me with this movie in the slightest. Maybe because I knew that a lot of it was going to be cut out, or maybe because I liked the 3rd book more so I was more critical. But, anyway, overall review is good. Wish I could have seen more of the dresses at the ball, they were very pretty.

34 days until I become Jordan's wife, and my students can finally start calling me "Mrs." instead of "Miss" which they never remember to do anyway.

Jordan and I are spending Thanksgiving together in my apartment, just the two of us. Our first Thanksgiving. I'm excited. So much so that when he was gone last night at a youth thing for his new job, I cleaned the whole house. My mom would be proud. I did everything but laundry, and only that because I don't have a washer/dryer in the apartment.

I think I'm going to go get some bagels, if Einstien brothers is open now.

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I'm listening to old 90's music dance-pop music, drinking a chocolate Bailey's milkshake, and (shortly will be) grading tests.

Nice way to spend an evening.
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