November 28th, 2005

flowers in weeds

I'll try to do a real update...

My Thanksgiving...
Jordan was over all week, which was just wonderful. We both had terrible Monday's but much better Tuesdays. Tuesday night we went out for dinner and watched a movie and I didn't do any homework cause we both needed the break. Wednesday I made him watch Veronica Mars and I don't really remember what else happened...I remember I was in another bad mood. Then Thursday and Friday I slept all day. I was period-induced miserable on Thursday and I had a head cold on Friday and I literally slept all day long. I got up on Thanksgiving to eat a really great meal that Jordan made, and then slept a little more and then had dessert and watche some movies with Jordan.

Oh, on Wednesday we went to Blockbuster and got "all the movies we were going to watch this weekend" which ended up being 5 (they were rented out of Home for The Holidays) and which we finished on Friday. So we went to Blockbuster again and rented the two Die Hard's that I didn't own and watched them, along with the one I do own.

We went to the mall and did a little bit of Christmas shopping.

We wrote our wedding program, which only involved a tiny little fight, and was mostly very nice. I got all the stuff I wanted and I think that Jordan got everything that he wanted, too.

We also made our budget and figured a lot of stuff out, including our pay-back schedule. Jordan had been thinking about going on a mission trip to Kenya (and singing that terrible song to me for weeks afterward) next summer but we're postponing it until the next summer since it's an annual thing and it would be nice to pay off our credit cards first.

We're hoping that Jordan can get rid of his apartment, it looks likely, but we're still praying. If he can and does, we should be able to pay off all credit card debt by May. That would leave my car loan and student loans (and an ex-boyfriend) to pay off. All my debt, of course. But I'm making more money so it's okay.

There you go...a real update. And now...I am going to go eat a turkey sandwich.
best to you

We talked a little about evolution in science today...

...and I also happened to be listening to this cd. I love this song.

"Original Species"
~Audio Adrenaline
Now my heart and mind agree
a super natural selected me
I see a plan so grandiose
my very own Galapagos
God laid down and he began to trace
an image that he could embrace
then He smiled down on His plan
and from the dust He made a man

I'm an original species
more enlightened than Nietzshe
I'm sure you'd like to meet me
I am loved
by the maker who's so clever
I was made to live forever
though my body turns to sand
my soul is in His hands

A breakthrough theory of origin
a simple truth that's always been
fingerprints have been left behind
that point us to a master mind
Stars in the sky
there to please my eye
the cosmos in His command
but He has time to hold my hand