January 17th, 2006

del fish

A general update

I love my cat. I need to have kids though because I'm treating him like one sometimes. Yesterday I carried him around for a bit, and he let me. It's funny, cause he's not a lapcat in the literal sense--he won't sit in your lap. However, he does love to be pet and played with, and he's so much like a dog in that way. He even uses his nose to try and get my hand to pet him, like my dog used to do. Now that the bedroom floor is clean and the bed is up off the floor, he hasn't peed in there, and I love him even more. He's also stalking our feet from under the bed, which is entirely too cute, especially when it's unexpected. Also, there's some space between the bed and the wall and when Jordan was lying in bed studying his feet were getting attacked by the cat who was jumping in that space. Just too cute.

I also love my PS2 and DDR game. Jordan and I are having a blast working on songs and we're both getting better. I actually did a song yesterday and got a double A on it first try. And Jordan got a double A on another song. He actually has a progression that he likes to do: there's this one that he keeps just missing a double A on that he starts off with, then a slightly faster one that he has gotten a double A on, and then Sandstorm, which he has even gotten a B on. The other day I accidentally did the song above Sandstorm, which ended up being terribly fast but that I managed to pass still on the first try. I think I've gotten a B on it but now I really want to get an A. It's become quite a workout. I'm also ALMOST to the point where I can do most of the songs and pass (sometimes it's close) the first time. (Yes, I'm still on Light mode but you have to start somewhere!) Regardless, it's a lot of fun.

School is going pretty well. If I hadn't left my lesson plan book in the classroom this weekend I might have still been ahead of the game. As it is, I have all of today to catch up. Hopefully I will. Jordan and I are getting our headboard and footboard delivered today, which is nice. Today is also Jordan's long day in Waco, and he didn't get a lot of sleep and he has oodles of homework to do in his breaks so say a prayer for him that he gets everything done.

And...that's it for now! Hope everyone (who had a long weekend) enjoyed the long weekend, and has a good week. And stay healthy.

Can I get a BOOYAH?

I got everything I needed to get done today finished, and I got to play some DDR, as well. I am so psyched, you probably have no idea. I have literally been working from 5, with only two relatively short DDR breaks, and a little dinner break. That's a lot of time for me to spend on homework, but I caught up on what I didn't do this weekend, and I am totally caught back up on grading and barring me having to leave straight away after school to wait for more crazy deliveries, I will totally stay caught up! Woo hoo! So happy about that.

Also, double-A'd Sandstorm today and I have been working my butt off on that one.

Jordan got home about an hour ago (which is when I started this entry) and we put up our new headboard and footboard.

So tired all of a sudden. Gee, I wonder why? Oh, yeah, the last entry I wrote at 2 am might hold a clue.