February 17th, 2006

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So when your husband steals the DDR and leaves you for the night, there's nothing better than vegging with a romantic John Cusack comedy. In this case, Must Love Dogs. You know, I don't find John amazingly sexy or incredibly handsome, but I could watch him act all day long. He is incredibly charming, at least on screen. And he is the best at playing the guy just hopelessly in love and crushed by fate or life or whatever. I think my favorite movie with him would have to be Seredipidy. Terribly frustrating, but so incredibly cute and charming. The movie, and John, except for the frustrating part. I wonder if he is as magnetic in reality as he seems on screen? He's one of the celebs who shuns the spotlight so we never hear about all his sordid affairs and who he's dating. It's intriguing. I have the feeling I'd like him in real life. He'd probably think I was boring.

Oh, and I also rented Mortal Kombat. Just...because. I hadn't seen it since the theaters and for some reason had a desire to watch it. I blame Jordan. It was fun.

Wow, it's 11:38, which is late, and I should go to bed.

Goodnight all.