March 27th, 2006

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Dr. Appointment update...

This is just a cut and paste of the email I sent to my mom...

Dr. Garcia says that everything is looking very well. They took the staples out, which hurt a little. They also gave me a boot to wear for the next three weeks. My leg is very bruised and very tender and very sore. Putting the boot on hurt quite a bit, but I managed to get back home and even to make a stop at IHOP for some well-deserved ice cream waffles.

The next appointment is in three weeks and Dr. Garcia suggested that I not work until then. He said that depending on how I feel I might be able to do half-days or something like that, but I haven't talked to my principal about it yet but talking about it with the office manager at my school I realized that right now I really don't know how I'll feel in a week, or how I'll feel in two weeks, and if I'll be ready to do half days or even whole days. So I'll figure that out later.

I have another week of sick days at the school where I get paid regular salary and then I have to get signed up for disability, where I get paid 70% of my salary and who only knows when I actually end up getting it. Looking forward to that. If I go to half days I either get paid regular salary for the half days and disability for the other half, or I might pay for my half-day sub, or something like that. So, again, I don't know exactly what's going to happen but we'll see.

Jordan and I are still staying with the Thanes from his church, but we're thinking about moving into an extended stay hotel later this week, possibly. But we are back in Austin so we can pick up our mail and take care of our kitten, whom I miss dearly and haven't been able to see yet.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers and I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing.