May 17th, 2006


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Our house has been so messy since I broke my leg. Lately we've just been doing what I call "maintenaince cleaning" where we do laundry because we have to have clothes to wear and dishes because we have to be able to make food. However, we have recently acquired ants, and the fact that they are still there is driving me nuts. I'm fairly certain that were we to vacuum and pick up the living room they will go away, but we just haven't done it yet.

However, last night I was feeling ill from looking at the dirty dishes and I was also tired and cranky (I have been cranky a lot lately) and I asked Jordan to throw away the food remains and take out the garbage for me today so I could fill the dishwasher up. Well, first he said he didn't think he would have time today, and I felt like a nag. Then, a few minutes later, he got up and started cleaning the kitchen. When he came back in the bedroom at 1:30 he said he had run the dishwasher and cleaned the whole bathroom. So either he felt guilty or productive, or both, but whatever the motivation, my husband is wonderful and I love him like crazy, and I just wanted to tell everyone how great he is!

I guess that makes it my turn to do some cleaning...