June 11th, 2006

dilbert work

My goal this week is to not be lazy

With Jordan gone all week that could have easily been accomplished. However, I am volunteering for Vacation Bible School at my church, and I'm pretty excited about that. Okay, the orange shirt isn't exciting, but the rest of it is. So that will keep me from sleeping in too late (or really from sleeping in at all). I was thinking about going back on the Slim-Fast diet this week, but I remembered how much easier it is to cook macaroni and cheese and Lipton pasta sides, then to cook actual meals. I should go back on the diet, though, because I'm gaining weight again (probably from all the candy I've been eating like crazy. Why do I still crave it? I'm 23!) I need to start exercising again, too. And I have a million things to do today and this week. Let's make a list!

1. Oil change (700 miles late...)
B. Make doctor's appt.
3. Make dentist's appt.
D. Make eye doctor's appt.
5. Call VBS kids.

F. Clean house before in-laws visit
7. Rent John Cusack movies and other romantic comedies to watch while Jordan is away.
H. Grocery shopping.
9. Finish end of school year checklist.
J. Finish my last lure track on Toontown.
11. Make physical therapy appts.
L. Do devotions.

#1,5, and H need to be done today.

In a related note (related only cause it's going to start soon) I have had a real hard time going to church lately. There's a couple of reasons for it. I don't care for my church, and especially for the main pastor's sermons. While I like Jordan's pastor, I don't really like his church service. I'm too Lutheran, I like what I grew up with. I really enjoy Divine Service II, First Setting. How much of a dork am I? Also Jordan's church is really friendly and I like sneaking out at the end without talking to people. Does that make me a terrible person? And finally, I don't really like going to church by myself, and even though Jordan's at his church, he's sitting up at the front and I'm in the pews alone. And I know a few people that I could sit with but it would still feel like I was sitting alone and trying to pretend like I wasn't. And I know that none of that is what church is about, but it's been a long time since I felt like I could say, "I get to go to church," instead of "I have to go to church," and actually mean it. If I really don't want to be lazy, I should take this week and try to get back on track with God.

Jordan's clock must be fast because it says church starts in 2 minutes but he hasn't even put on his robe yet. I'm going to go anyway, this entry is way longer than normal.