June 30th, 2006



So...for those of you who aren't familiar, I graduated in December of 2004. That spring I took the last test that I needed for my certification (which has become a big deal to have) and I was supposed to apply for it that summer (last summer). I never did. Part of me forgot about it, part of me was just dumb and put it off, but I never did. And I was going to do it this school year, but mostly I forgot about it. So I was worrying, thinking that my test scores have probably expired or something, and that it would be too late, and it would be really difficult to get certified in Texas now*. So anyway, I called, and Judy says that my test scores are still valid, so I can still get my certification. So I'm really happy and excited now.

*For those of you who don't know, teacher certification works like this (in my understanding): you are certified to teach in the state that you went to college in. Usually the college you went to is only able to certify you in that state. To get your certification in another state, you have to meet all of their individual requirements, which are usually very different from state to state. For instance, California says you have to go to school for 5 years to get an education degree and be certified. So if you are certified in another state, you may have to take extra classes or something to go to California and teach there (with certification, you can still teach without being certified, because teachers never used to have to be certified, it was just an added bonus. Now, with the No Child Left Behind, teachers are supposed to be "highly qualified" which means certified.) However, Concordia River Forest was nationally certified, which meant that your certification and degree would be accepted at any of the 50 states, and to transfer your certification, all you have to do is usually pay a fee and take a state constitution test. This is good, but it means that I have to be able to get certified in Illinois first.