August 2nd, 2006

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Sort Me?

I've been rereading Harry Potter and I decided to see what house I would be sorted into, so I went to google and searched "sort hogwarts quiz" and I took the first three tests that it gave me. The first one sorted me into Ravenclaw. The second one had a note at the top that said, among other things, that "because all the other sorting quizzes on the interned were bad, we made this one that is much better" and it sorted me into Gryffindor. The third quiz I took had almost the same intro, which also said that it was made better than all the other quizzes, and it sorted me into Hufflepuff. I found this very humorous. I also noticed that I found myself answering some questions and picking the (usually rather obvious) Slytherin option.

And even though I would probably put myself in Ravenclaw, I think that I have tendencies and traits that could put me in any of the four houses (even Slytherin, though I wouldn't voluntarily answer an internet quiz with the questions that would put me there). I am curious to see what house you all (y'all since I'm in Texas now) think I would sort into? (And why of course.)

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A VERY late birthday to Troy! Happy 25, I believe it is. YAY FOR CHEAP CAR INSURANCE! I hope it's 25. It's 26 isn't it? It is. I should go back and delete all the previous sentences but I'm too lazy. Plus he might laugh, if he ever reads this.

I bought something today. Shhh...don't tell Jordan. He thinks I have enough clothing. I refrained from buying the $5 jacket that was close in color but not in style to a jacket I already owned only cause I knew that Jordan wouldn't understand that the color and style were different enough to make the purchase worthwhile. But I did buy this, with my 15% off discount card. It was so worth it.