September 12th, 2006


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I am so sick. I've been feeling really awful since Saturday. The symptoms have been subtly changing since Saturday, but overall it's just been icky. However, yesterday and today it's been mostly a really, really sore throat. I think I have strep, it had been going around the school. And I should go to the doctor. However, Thursday I have a doctor's appointment for all the different yeast/bacterial infections that I've been having lately. I don't want to go to the after-hours clinic tomorrow and pay $25 and then go to my regular doctor on Thursday and pay another $25 when I could hopefully go and get it all taken care of on Thursday. However, I really want to start getting better, because I feel JUST AWFUL. So, if it really could be strep, should I pay the extra $25 and get it taken care of a day early? And what if I get there and they tell me it's not strep? Then I'm out $25 and that sucks. What do you think? I want HELP PEOPLE! Thanks.
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