October 3rd, 2006


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Happy Birthday to my husband!

I'm a day late but that's because we spent time together yesterday and I wasn't online very much. It was nice. I baked him a cake and made him a rare steak dinner (with an expensive porterhouse steak, thank you very much) and he really liked both. I firmly believe that everyone should eat very unhealthily on their birthdays. He went to martial arts and when they found out it was his birthday they a)asked him why he was even there and 2)gave him some birthday spankings with the padded kali training sticks. Hee hee.

Tonight is the season premiere of Veronica Mars! Melissa, House isn't on tonight so give VM a try! And everyone, even though it's the third season you can pretty much watch the premiere without ever having seen an episode and not be lost at all. And the episode has some pretty good funny parts. I will be watching it on the big screen at the Drafthouse theater. Yay for drafthouses putting up whatever the hell they choose. It's great.