October 22nd, 2006


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Okay, so to continue with stuff from yesterday...

I stopped so abruptly after saying that I had a lot to write about because the benedryl that Jordan gave me had kicked in and I was really drowsy. He gave me some benedryl because I was bit by a spider on my feet (once on each foot) and it really really burned/itched. So he bought some bug killer stuff to spray around.

Something else that I wanted to write is that Jordan bought me my (early) birthday present. We went to Sports Authority and picked out an elliptical. I'm excited and happy! Jordan finished putting it together late last night (of course we didn't pay extra for delivery and assembly, we're cheap and it was already like a $500 total when we finished buying clothes and shoes and stuff). We put it on the store credit card, so it's 0% interest for 6 months, and we should totally be able to pay it off by then, so we're pretty excited. It'll be really nice because now when I'm watching TV I can exercise and not just be lazy. And I really like ellipticals because I feel like I get a good workout and I burn a lot of calories but I'm not totally exhausted afterwards, like I am on bikes or stairmasters. I usually get a runner's high afterward, which means I'll hopefully be sleeping better, working better, less depressed, and losing weight, which is of course the best part. So, yay!

In other news, I am loving my haircut. I can do so much with it that I couldn't do with long hair. I get lots of compliments too, and that's always fun.

I am officially rooting for both the Tigers and the Cardinals, now. I decided I can cheer for both teams, because I want Detroit to win because I am a Detroiter at heart, but I also want the Cards to win because I love my husband and it means more to him that it does to me. However, I told him that I still have to cheer a little harder for the Tigers because they're also the underdog and I've always been a root for the underdog kind of person.

Everytime I type "root for" I remember what it is slang for in Australia and I smile a little. Alright, so this entry is kind of long again, so if I remember anything else I wanted to write I'll update again later.