November 5th, 2006

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I've had a pretty good weekend, overall. Jordan majorly cleaned the kitched yesterday, and even though we sort of had a fight that led to it, I'm still really glad that he did it, it was really needed, and plus the fight was resolved with me learning how to talk to him about cleaning in the future.

I've been kind of sick for about 10 days and I went back to the doctor on Saturday. They told me I have allergies! Blah! I've never had allergies before but stupid Austin seems to cause allergies in just about everyone, so I guess I have them now. That Claratin stuff seems to be working pretty good, which is nice.

I did a lot of laundry this weekend, too, and hopefully I'll catch up with all that this week. Today was mostly a lazy day. We went to the Round Rock outlets and picked up a collar with bell for our cat, a super crazy soft sweater, and some new Converse since my old ones had holes in them.

As per a previous agreement I made with Jordan, I am putting in writing that I promise to buy him a motorcycle with our tax return money.

Also, I just bought my ticket to go see my grandparents, great-grandma, and aunts and uncles and cousins who all live in Phoenix in December around Christmas. I'm so excited! My mom is jealous. It'll probably be the last time I'll ever see my great-grandma, and she might not even know who I am. She's 99 and she's fading fast. Her birthday is in late January and my grandma says that she probably won't make it till then. She's only recently gotten really bad, just a few years ago she was still doing pretty well, and up until she was like 95 or even later, she was still living alone.

I think the last time I saw her or most of these relatives was when Candace graduated high school, which was about 5 years ago now, so I'm really excited to be going. Ever since I moved to Texas I thought it would be cool to visit since we were closer. I wish Jordan could come with me, but he's in retail at the moment and won't be able to take time off in December.

I'm really tired and I have to get up in time to take a shower, so I'm going to go to sleep now.

Two days until my birthday!! Oh, and Michele's mad at me but hopefully she won't be forever.