December 14th, 2006


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On the twelfth day of Christmas, details15 sent to me...
Twelve roses laughing
Eleven storms sleeping
Ten candles a-teaching
Nine books kissing
Eight icons acting
Seven roadtrips a-writing
Six daisies a-dreaming
Five ma-a-a-ail bombs
Four veronica mars
Three friday nights
Two niagara falls
...and an austin in a christianity.
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I'm not typing a lot on account of the huge bandage I have on my ring finger because I cut myself while putting some pictures in frames, but I did want to say this. Tonight was the Christmas dance, and I got a migraine right before I left to go chaperone, and the music was too loud, so I was going to leave early, but I ended up spending almost two hours outside talking with a former student, Chris Devery, about a lot of things. How school was going for him, math, his girlfriend, his career ambitions, how he missed the teachers from Redeemer, a little bit about God. Overall, it was a very satisfying conversation. I do miss some of the students from his class and he is one of them. There were some good kids there. Anyway, I just wanted to mention that. I still left early, my headache went away mostly while I was outside, but when I went back inside after Chris left it started coming back so I just left.

Am almost ready to send out our Christmas letters. I'm very excited about that, actually. And in two days I leave for Arizona! Yay!