December 25th, 2006


Happy Anniversary!

We had a really great time at the Melting Pot tonight. We had a great bottle of wine that, because we live in Texas, we got to take home with us when we didn't finish it. We also got free champagne, and it was really good as well. And...our waiter was kind of new, you could tell, but he was really nice. We knew that they sold some of their stuff (like their salad spice) to their customers, so we asked if they sold their teriyaki sauce, and our waiter said, "I don't think so, but let me bring you out some." He brought us out two medium-small containers of the best teriyaki sauce ever. We also gave $5 to St. Jude and got a calendar. And then we had to buy something to put money on our debit card for a tip (because you can't use the gift card for that) and so we donated ANOTHER five to St. Jude and got another calendar. Now I have to find someone to give the calendar to who may use it. Melissa, do you want it?

Also, I looked totally hot. Well, that sounds like I'm full of myself, but I really did. I had on a tiny little maroon and black plaid skirt from Hot Topic, a red and black bustier, and a sheer black button up over the bustier. I wore that to the Melting Pot. I was daring. The skirt, seriously, barely covered my butt. Jordan couldn't take his eyes off of me. It was great.

If I spelled teriyaki wrong, I tried to do a spellcheck but LJ doesn't know how to spell it either.

Also, I think that "Melting Pot gift card" will be our standing gift request from Jordan's parents for our anniversary.
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Merry Christmas!

Jordan and I opened our Christmas presents this morning, and while I know you probably don't need to know or want to read a whole list of everything we got, it's my journal and I'm putting it in here for myself, so you can skip it if you want.

From Jordan's parents, I got:
two necklaces
Friends Scene It
a hot pink travel mug
a krypton flashlight (so I can see in the dark and keep Superman away!)
a hot pink hippo shaped mini paper shredder and pencil sharpener
stickers for my students' tests
a good ice-crushing blender
green Chinese style pajamas
a pink sweater
a Scrabble desk calendar
Miracle on 34th Street (original, black and white)
The Santa Clause
Beach Boy's Christmas album
Brainquest for 7th grade
hot pink Swiss army knife
gift card to Chili's

From Jordan's parents, Jordan got:
casual kilt shirt and vest
lump of coal stout and switches for me to hit Jordan with (little do they know...)
bass books
Real Men Wear Kilts shirt
Bulletproof Monk
Enter the Dragon
Darth Tater (including two normal and one small potato and the accessories to make Darth Tater, Storm Tater, and R2DTater)
Diving Submarine
Space Shuttle Pencil Sharpener
Hand-crank flashlight

From Jordan, I got:
two kinds of perfume
Veronica Mars Season 2
Clerks II
Zits calendar
An preopened Ariel puzzle with a message to me written on the back
two sets of Disney figures from The Little Mermaid, and Lilo and Stitch.
Monopoly Here and Now
Mickey and The Little Mermaid playing cards
a stuffed Sorcerer Mickey
20 Questions game
and the same thing I got last year, a sparkly thing to put on my finger (a white gold ring with a heart-shaped citrine and two accent diamonds)

From me, Jordan got:
Kenneth Cole Signature gift set
Sake set
Sports Night
Batman Begins
The Pink Panther
The Professional
Clerks: The Animated Series
Legend of Drunken Master
Love Lottery
a motorcycle
a Groucho Marx nose and glasses set
The Gospel according to the Simpsons
Philosophy and the Simpsons
Ho Ho Homer boxers

Oh, and Jordan's brother got us Mastermind and Kingdom Hearts 2. I think that's it.

Anyway, we had a good Christmas morning. We slept kind of late, got up and opened presents. It was fun. Then we called family members, and Jordan made Christmas Quiche, two kinds actually, and the Spinach and Ricotta cheese one was good. And then we really just bummed around the house, watching movies/playing Playstation/watching Law and Order/playing games. It has been fun. Did I mention that Christmas Day was fun?

Oh, and Jordan's parents got Snickers a grey mouse, and he LOVED IT. He terrorized it all over the house and under the tree, for at least ten minutes. It was rather humourous. He wacked it into the exercise equipment, too. Silly cat.