March 10th, 2007

grinch job sucks

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I...have lots of pictures on Facebook, if you have that and want to take a look. No, I'm not abandoning LJ land but it seemed a little easier to put the pictures up there. I don't think that LJ's pictures tools are very easy or user-friendly. But I'll try to post some here, although mostly the people they are of are not LJ or Facebook people.

We are cleaning. It is coming along pretty well. Jordan did most of the kitchen today, and it looks amazing. I didn't take any before pictures but I think I'm going to take after pictures just so that we remember how clean it used to be. You know, when it stops being clean again. The bathrooms are looking good too. Jordan's doing most of the work right now, and I keep pretending it's because I still feel a little sick and am still getting better, but I know the truth. It's because I'm going to be expected to do most of the cleaning in the other rooms. He doesn't like trying to find places for all kinds of little things that just happen to be all over. I don't either, which is why whenever I clean I end up with two or three boxes where I put all the random stuff that I didn't want to sort through. But the goal is to not do that, at least not as much as usual. Whenever possible, find an actual place to put something.

We'll see how it goes.