May 6th, 2007


I am so tired...

My summer reading list
The Brothers Karamazov
The Bourne Trilogy
The New Harry Potter
Sophie's World
Nicholas and Alexandra
Washington's Crossing
Diary of Anne Frank (the play)
Little Women (the play)
Working Class Hollywood
We Were Each Other's Prisoners

A whole bunch are non-fiction history books because I've suddenly become interested in learning about different parts of history.

I'm also hoping that I get a job working at Party City again. There are quite a few down here and Jordan and I really need the money. We want to pay off a lot of debt, and save some money this summer. We're limiting ourselves to only going out to eat if we have a gift card, only seeing 5 movies at the first run theater (the rest at the dollar show), and we're probably going to get total access for Blockbuster to keep that expense down too. If I do get hired at Party City I'm going to take half the paycheck each week for credit cards, most of the other half in savings, and $15-25 each week will be okay for "fun spending." I already know that I really want to save one month's of fun spending money and get a dress I tried on at Dillard's that makes me look like this. I've never had a dress that did that before.

Okay, so I'm really tired, and I have a little bit of homework, so I'm going to stop rambling.