June 20th, 2007

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I feel compelled to post about the recent stuff that has been going on in LJ-land concerning what is being referred to as "Strikethrough 2007." Tonight, barakb25 and burr86 posted entries in lj_biz explaining the situation and clarifying the policies. I know a lot of people still aren't too happy with what has been said, but I think that it has been a great big step forward. I also feel that a lot of people are looking for a long list of "A, B, C, D, E, F, G and all the way down to AAA is legal and allowed on LJ" and "BBB, CCC, DDD, all the way down to ZZZZZ is illegal and not acceptable to post about on LJ." Frankly, that's not going to happen. There is no way a company can do that. I think that Barak actually did a great job in his post making the policy more transparent, and in saying that THIS is what we are unwilling to host (though he didn't but should have used those exact words). I do also feel that they should have posted in news the second entry, because that is still considered news-worthy. I mentioned that, though, in my comments.

The other thing that I wish I could point out to a whole lot of people all at once is that LJ as we speak and after the Strikethrough fiasco is doing a good job enforcing their current policy (also meaning the policy that Barak clarified in the above entry). I heard that Perverted Justice was upset because they reported to LJ a laundry list of journals of pedophiles and child molestors and LJ didn't delete any of them. Here's the link to their webpage where they list LJ as an "Aggressive Corporate Sex Offender". They also list, alphabetically A to H, the journals they reported to LJ with screencaps of the parts that they felt made that journeler a sex offender. As of their posting, LJ still had all the journals open and in use. As of a few hours ago, when I checked, all but two were still up and running. The two that were still up and running were, as far as I can tell, NOT the journals of sex offenders/child molesters. One was the journal of an admitted pedophile. While being a pedophile, he also specifically wrote an entry that basically said "if you are a minor or a pedophile, do not have sex until you are of age and do not have sex with minors who are not of age." To me, there is no reason for his journal to be deleted and LJ did not delete it. I think that's a great example of the way they are correctly interpreting and enforcing their own policies. There is a difference between being a pedophile and being a molester, as many LJers have pointed out. Just as there is a difference between being a cocaine addict and trying to make/buy/sell cocaine, or having incestuous thoughts and acting on them. It seems to me that LJ knows this difference, is aware of it, and is acting fairly in regards to it. That's it, I guess.

Oh, and a lot of people are concerned that conservative "hot topics" like gay marriage are going to be a future problem, and I personally think that's ridiculous, and has clearly been addressed as NOT something that LJ is or will be considering as against TOS.

In short, I am pretty happy with most of the way this is being handled (not that my opinion necessarily counts for anything) and I just wanted to post about it, even though most of my friends list probably couldn't care less. I wish we were updated a little more frequently, but that's about it. And that's my two cents.

Oh, and on a personal note

I do not have gallstones. No surgery. I cannot even say how happy that makes me. Even if it is simple, routine surgery, I was not really jumping for joy at the thought of surgery again, especially since it was just so hard to get through recovery after my first and last surgery (which wasn't routine and included a whole lot of pain, but which still was surgery). So, I'm back to eating what I like while still trying to be a little more healthy and exercise more.

I am also working at Party City again for some extra money this summer. It's going pretty well. The reason I'm up so late is because I'm working overnights for the next two days, which I usually find enjoyable. The manager is also going to be making me a "part time front end supervisor" since her full time FES is leaving in a few weeks. That might or might not mean a pay raise, but it will mean more hours (which is both a yay and a nay--I really don't want to work for 40 hours a week right now, I want more free time).

And, I'm watching The Lake House right now, which I very much enjoy.