September 8th, 2007


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New state mottos:

Ohio: (based on what the first founders said when they discovered it)
"Let's Go Home"
"Oh, Shit, What the Hell?"
"We Left Germany for This?"
"No Rugby Here"
"Turnaround Now" (not actually a motto, but posted on all "Welcome to Ohio" signs)
"The Place you Drive Through To Get To Other Places"

New Jersey:
"Hey New York, Lookie Here!"
"At Least We're Not Ohio"
"Pissing New Yorkers Off since it was New Amsterdam"

"Are We In Colorado Yet?"
"The Wheatfield on Either Side of the Highway"
"What's That Smell?"

Those are ones Jordan and I made up tonight. However, they don't come close to a few of the actual state mottos:

Kansas: "To the Stars Through Difficulties"
Maine: "I Direct" (wtf?)
Maryland: "Manly Deeds, Womanly Words"
New Mexico: "It Goes As It Grows"
Oklahoma: "Labor Conquers All Things"
Virginia: "Thus Always to Tyrants"
Utah: "Industry"
West Virginia: "Mountaineers are Always Free"