September 4th, 2008

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Sarah Palin is bitchy and smug.

I'm listening to her acceptance speech because I am actually trying to see for myself and not just listen to what others tell me about the candidates this year.

She's talking about how we are so close to victory in Iraq and Obama just wants to give in. Where did he say that?

She says "Tax increases are his fine print" but in the speech I heard, he admitted raising taxes.

She keeps taking smug little digs that are really annoying. What did Obama say? He said, "Now, now, let me -- let there be no doubt. The Republican nominee, John McCain, has worn the uniform of our country with bravery and distinction, and for that we owe him our gratitude and our respect." The worst dig he said was "what does it say about your judgment when you think George Bush has been right more than 90 percent of the time?" and that is more a dig on Bush than McCain.

Man, she just sounds totally smug. Like, "I'm better than you" smug, even as she talks about how she is just a normal woman.