January 22nd, 2010

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Books Challenge

So, I'm counting graphic novels towards my list of books read.

#2 Fables: The Good Prince and #3 Fables: War and Pieces

If you like Sandman, or like Fairy Tales, or just like good comics, go pick up Fables. It's probably my favorite comic series since Sandman (and I'm so excited it's still going too!) These are the last two current graphic novels for this series, and that means Jordan and I are almost caught up to the new ones coming out. These last two books wrapped up what was the 6-year long underlying story and main conflict in the series--and ended it well. It was certainly not what I expected to have happen, but it seems like it's a great way to end it. Of course, when a war ends there are a lot of loose ends to take care of, and that seems to be where the story line is headed now.

47 to go.