March 26th, 2013

chosen gathering


For those who don't know, I decided to grow some willpower for Lent. I gave up sweets. It wasn't about not eating the sweets, it was about having the willpower to not eat ALL the sweets. For instance, I never ate one cookie. I ate 3. I rarely had one piece of cake. I had 2 large pieces (or three small ones, cause they were small, right?) On Wednesdays there are always snacks for the teachers. I couldn't just have a brownie, I had to also have the cookie (one of each flavor, otherwise how will I know what is best?)

So I decided that I just needed to stop. Like I said, it wasn't about giving up sweets, it was about developing the ability to say NO, because I was basically acting like an addict. And I've done pretty well. I have pretty much walked away from any sweets when faced with them. This week, though, Satan has seriously been at work on me! There are some chocolate covered pretzels in the kitchen. I keep hearing "You've been so good you can just have one. You've learned to be able to limit yourself. You'll just eat one and it's okay," in my head any time I walk in there. I nearly opened the container and I was like "Self, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? You can wait one more week."

Anyway, it's just been really significant for me, even though it probably sounds pretty shallow.
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