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the sky will break and bleed its light and kiss my face with mercy,,,

I have been enjoying my break from doing everything weekend rather too much. It's now two in the morning and I haven't even begun my paper that is due at some point tomorrow. I'm trying to work on it, it's just not happening. That's okay, Wednesday and Thursday I'm hopefully going into Sydney with Chris to actually see stuff. Go figure, I've only been here how long and I still haven't done the tourist thing in the city. But I'm fixing that soon.

In other news, the first wave of homesickness is starting to hit, it took long enough. I hope my mom does pick me up at the airport, I'm starting to miss her something terrible. By the way, I get back the 14th at some ungodly hour of the morning, I'm sure I'll be at home all day, so if anyone wants to stop by and visit, I miss you guys.

Okay on to fix an icon and then procrastinate some more, prolly make some more coffee, this Duet stuff is great, then I'll work on my paper...really...I have to...maybe...

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