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I think these are finally the last bunch of questions

1. what is the one thing you are looking most forward to doing when you get home? Seeing my family and friends that I haven't seen or even talked to since I've been gone. I haven't been homesick for most of the time here but I'm just starting to feel it.

2. am i different ( in a good way ) than any other guy you've ever met? Sometimes.

3. what are your 3 favorite stuffed animals to sleep with? My fishie, my Aaron, and my Chris.

4. if someone you love breaks your trust, in the deepest of ways, would you ever be able to trust them again? I honestly think that happened to me in high school, actually by at least two people, and I think I trust them now, or at the time when we reconciled at least I did.

5. paper or plastic ? Plastic it makes a cooler sound.

and i'm special so i get six questions ...

6. how much are you looking forward to having fast stable internet when you get home?
As much as I'm looking forward to seeing you my dear.
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