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The sunsets are bloody marvelous

I got back yesterday from Alice Springs, which is the actual Outback part of Australia. And I watched the sun set twice, Friday night and Saturday night, and it was spectacular. God just painted the sky. We watched the sun rise at Uluru (Ayer's Rock) and that was pretty neat, the rock kept changing colors. In cause you don't know, Ayer's Rock is this big rock in the middle of the desert close to Alice Springs, it's really important to the Aboriginal people (they're the poeple who were here way before the Brits came and the Brits basically wiped them all out and stole all their land...sound familiar?).

But anyway, what else? Oh, I slept in a swag, which is this thing that's like a big sleeping bag with a mat underneath it, but it gets really cold so you have to have a sleeping bag with it as well. Brett, all I have to say is, THANK YOU. The woobie kept me sooo much warmer than Sarah and Katie were. Like, both of them, along with most of the people there, kept waking up all night because they were really cold, and me? I passed out fifteen minutes after lying down and woke up at quater to five only because I had to pee...then I went back to bed and managed to get warm enough to even fall back asleep for the last 15 minutes before my alarm went off. It even kept my toes toasty, that and the wool BDU socks from JROTC, everyone else couldn't feel their feet when they woke up. I was quite happy. So thanks a LOT.

Oh, the other thing that was totally great...there are no lights anywhere by the rock, which is around where we could see every star. I love it when the sky is three dimensional and you can see everything. It blew me away. I also got to see Venus. And everyone, in June of 2004 Venus is going to pass between the earth and the sun, so look for that, cause it happens twice every 200 years or so and next year will be the second time. Alright, ramble over. When Sarah gets back I'll have to show you some pictures of the sunsets.

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