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Back from my weekend

For those of you who didn't know, I just spent the last weekend with Chris and one of his friends at a cabin 30km from any other person. We got there on Friday, and Chris and I stayed through til Monday morning. Tony (Chris's friend, he's an editor for the Sydney Morning Herald and he was gonna review the place so Chris and I didn't have to pay (Thanks Tony!)) and his son and his son's friend left early Sunday afternoon so Chris and I had the whole four bedroom house to ourselves the rest of the day and night. It was the best way to end my time here with him that I can think of. I had a wonderful time, with only one silly little fight to make it annoying...and he should have known better than to eat my last piece of chocolate cake!!

Saturday I went to a Cellar Door and did some wine tasting, which was interesting. Andrew Harris (I think) makes good wine. Tony bought a bottle for me, that I'm bringing home (well, back to America, I think I might have it at Sarah's since I know her family likes wine). We also got to see an echidna

that was just sitting by the side of the road. They are soo cute, except for all the spiky things. And Sunday Chris (who in high school did a hospitality course and is now a second year apprentice chef) made me dinner that was quite yummy. And I think that's about it.

Tomorrow morning (TEAR) I fly back here. Tuesday lasts about 40 hours for me, I fly back at 2 something pm and arrrive in LA at 11 something am. It's ridiculous. Then I'm spending 8 days in southern CA with Troy and then I'm going up and spending 4 or 5 days in northern CA with Sarah from Napa. I'll be home on the 13th of July, I think. I don't have a calendar handy. I might have written this already but in case you missed it and you wanted to know when you might be able to get ahold of me. Between now and the 13th I'll only have limited internet access, just so you know. NO HUGE ATTACHMENTS in emails, please. Okay, I guess that's it. See lots of you soon. Bye.

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