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My back, my front, they're both here!

I'm in Detroit, in my home, using my wonderful dial-up internet. It doesn't make me miss Speedlink, however. This is a little more reliable at least.

So Disneyland was the greatest most magical place on earth. I loved it. Universal Studios was totally cool for the movie-lover that I am. The VIP tour was so great. As soon as I go through my luggage, which I can't do until my lost luggage gets delivered to me later tonight, but at least it's been found, I'm going to post about what I did each day and stuff like that. Also, Northern California was beautiful. I am really glad to be home, as much as I miss everyone in Australia, Chris especially.

And as much as I missed my family, it was nice to have an empty house to sleep in and then check my email with. Although yahoo wouldn't let me check my email. But anyway...I'm home. So if anyone wanted to call me they could, or you know like drop by and see if my face looks like they remembered it, or you know, see me and stuff, hint hint, here I am, home.
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