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Well, Brett, you have certainly made me feel welcomed home. Thanks again, especially for the note included with the gift.

Newest Lisa news is that she moved out of the peptal-bismal room. Candace left so I get Michele's room...and since the paint is peeling I'm going to get to paint it, too. What color? Under the sea blue...with fishie curtains and maybe a fishie border. And the ceiling will be a lighter blue and I might add clouds up there...I'm excited about it, I haven't done anything like this in years.

Okay, if I'm supposed to call you and hang out with you, email me, comment to this entry, or call me and tell me to call you so I can make sure I don't forget someone. Okay? And I think I'm looking at the first weekend in August for my Lisa's Back Down Under Beach Party. How does that sound to you guys?

I guess that's it for now. When I get pictures up on my website I'll add stuff about my vacation but for now I'm not really up for writing a bunch of stuff. And bed.
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