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Tomb Raider

Good movie. Good sequel, though not really a sequel, as the plot could have stood alone without the first movie. A Scottish accent, coupled with Jolie's British one--which is probably the sexiest British accent that I could imagine, and if I were gay Lara would so be IT--just made it great. But one question: Why didn't she break the orb? If it was soooo important that the bad guy, nor that anyone, find the box, why did she have to find it? Why couldn't she have just broken the map and kept it lost forever? I thought I remembered her saying that the box couldn't be destroyed, which is why it was brought back to the cradle, but she never said the orb couldn't be, so why didn't she just break it? Even if the computer had finished decoding it, without the orb the fact that it was decoded would have been moot, would it not? Anyway, that was my one pet peeve. Other than that, good movie...and I WANT ONE OF THOSE BODY-FLIGHT-SUIT THINGS. I soooooooo want to do that.

Beach party on the 10th...

I think I'm going to head up to the stick Monday night...anyone interesting in coming?

And if I'm not going to be seeing you for awhile yet, do you want me to send you your Ozzie souvenier or would you like it in person, even if that ends up being like a year from now? (Brett and Karkota are the two that come to mind, but there might be someone else reading this too.)

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