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If I've said it before I'll say it again

Christian music is a beautiful thing. I swear there must be a song for any "crisis of faith" you can be having at any time. And Newsboys is really good at telling it like it is.

Steppin Up To The Microphone
steppin' right up to the microphone
i say hey man!
there's only one way!
one God one body one faith alone
if you don't know
then ya need to be told!

i say hey boy
it's a narrow road

i say hello to anyone who's listening
the message ain't nothing new
i don't decide what's true
so when the stones gets thrown
they either miss or they turn to glory
here's the story as far as i know

steppin' up
i don't step alone
the question is how do we know what we know?
the answer is so plain to see
so here i go
tap the mic "test 1,2,3"

Truth Be Known

he nods a little too fast
talking illogic with a big bombast, he's
full on dead sure any way's true, and he
wouldn't wanna knock it if it works for you, he

heaves sighs a little too loud
so frustrated with the one-way in crowd
full on dead sure anything goes
until you go stepping on his own toes

hold on if the truth be known
truth is more than "to each his own"
if the truth be known
there'll be more to answer for
everybody gets a shot
it'll cost everything you've got
if the truth be known
do you really wanna know?

she tries a little denial
rolls her eyes like a jaded reptile
true/false questions make her uptight
opposites attract, so they both must be right.

what if there's someone up there?
shrugs it off with a "don't know, don't care"
hopes to God he doesn't exist
but ignorance here is less than bliss

as i lay me down
where do i begin
so simply complicated
the voice within

i hear it singing so clear
invisible like the sound of the wind
we all know
you are there

i just believe
i just believe it
and sometimes i don't know why
i gotta go with my gut again on this one

not just a feeling
it's the reason
we know a line is crooked
'cause we know what's straight
that little voice inside

as i lay me down
i confess
i'm a fool for you
no more, no less

and in this world turning gray
strikes a chord when i say
there is black,
there is white
there is wrong
and there is right

the evidence of things unseen

the more you look
the more you'll see

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