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from The Case for Faith by Lee Strobel

The virgin birth, the Resurrection, the raising of Lazarus, even the Old Testament miracles, are all freely used for religious propaganda, and they are very effective with an audience of unsophisticates and children.
~Richard Dawkins, atheist

It is not just a provacative rumor that God has acted in history, but a fact worthy of our intellectual conviction. The miracles of Christianity are not an embarrassment to the Christian worldview. Rather, they are a testimony to the compassion of God for human beings benighted by sin and circumstance.
~Gary Habernas, Christian

William Lang Craig, ph.d., has written extensively on miracles. He has doctrates in philosophy and theology, and is a member of the American Philosophical Association, among many other things.

Strobel: "So you're disagreeing with the great skeptic David Hume, who defined miracles as being violations of the laws of nature?"
Craig: "Yes, absolutely. That's an improper understanding of miracles...It's a law of nature that oxygen and potassium combust when combined. But I have
oxygen and potassium in my body, and yet I'm not bursting into flames. Does that mean it's a miracle and I'm violating the laws of nature? No, because the law merely states what happens under idealized conditions, assuming no other factors are interfering...if there's a supernatural agent working in the natural world, then the idealized conditions described by the law are no longer in effect. The law isn't violated."

Strobel: "We have thousands of years of uniform evidence that dead people simply do not return from the dead. So Hume says no amount of evidence would be able to overcome that tremendous presumption."
Craig: "There's no contradiction between believing that men generally stay in their graves and that Jesus of Nazareth rose from the dead. The opposite of the statement Jesus rose from the dead is not that all other men remained in their graves, it's that Jesus of Nazareth remained in his grave...I would agree with Hume that a natural resurrection of Jesus from the dead, without any divine intervention, is enormously improbably. But that's not the hypothesis. The hypothesis says God raised Jesus from the dead."

Craig: "And it's important to remember that for the greatest miracle, the Resurrection, we know from historical research that there was nowhere near enough time for legend to have developed and wiped out a solid core of historical truth."

Craig: "...If you believe that God does not exist...the miraculous would be absurd...but if there is a Creator who designed and brought the universe into being...then certainly it's rational to believe that the miraculous is possible."

God Makes Sense of the Universe's Origin
God Makes Sense of the Universe's Complexity

{These two are discussed in the next objection more thoroughly}

God Makes Sense of Objective Moral Values
Craig: "Objectice moral values are valid and binding independantly of whether anyone believes in them or not....If there is no God, then moral values are merely the products of socio-biological evolution...or...morality is just a matter of personal taste, akin to statements like 'Broccoli tastes good.' Well, it tastes good to some people and bad to others...And to say that killing innocent children is wrong would be just an expression of taste, saying, 'I don't like the killing of innocent children.'...I don't see any reason to believe that in the absence of God the morality developed by homo sapiens is objective...On the atheistic view, some action, like rape, may not be socially advantageous, and therefore it has become taboo in the course of human developement. But that doesn't prove that rape is really wrong. In fact, it's conceivable that rape could have evolved as something that's advantageous for the survival of the species. Thus, without God there would be no absolute right and wrong, which imposes itself on our conscience...Actions like rape and child abuse aren't just behaviors that happen to be socially unacceptable--they are clearly moral abominations. They are objectively wrong...And since these objective moral values cannot exist without God and they unquestionably do exist, then it follows logically and inescapably that God exists."

God Can Immediately Be Experienced
Craig: "Can you prove that the external world exists?...You're belief in the reality of the world is 'properly basic.' You can't prove that the external world exists...In the absence of overwhelming arguments for atheism, it seems to me perfectly rational to go on believing in the reality of that experience...I know God exists in a properly basic way, and I've tried to show he exists by appealing to the common facts of science, ethics, history, and philosophy. Taken together, they form a powerful case for God and Christianity."

Based on how God has transformed my life, my attitudes, my relationships, my motivations, and my priorities through his very real ongoing presence in my life, I realized in that moment that miracles like manna from heaven, the virgin birth, the Resurrection--well, in the end, they're child's play for a God like that.
~Lee Strobel

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