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I walked out of my first class today

Why? Well, my main concern was for my health. I was afraid if I stayed in that room for another minute I would jam my pen through my thorax. I should have known better than to take Electronic Communication. So I just made myself a whole lot happier. Now I have one less class of work to do and I don't feel so overwhelmed, and I actually feel that I could possibly audition for the plays and have time to be in them as well. So I'll study up on Access and teach myself PowerPoint (I hate PowerPoint!) and I'll take the test and never have to go to that stupid class again. Sigh. I feel better now.

Fish auditions tonight. Yea! The only consolation for having to be here an extra semester, aside from Katienana, is that I can do another whole year of Fish. Speaking of Fish, I want something Australian for my name...unless someone can think of something really great like Beef's Fish Upon A Star. So here's my poll:

Poll #172765 Fish Out Of Water

What name do you like best?

Fish Down Under
Aussie Fish

Or tell me what you think I should be!

Thanks in advance!

So tonight I have a meeting about tech for Our Town, and then auditions for Fish, and tomorrow I have auditions for Our Town and Proof. Whew!

I have had both my math classes: Problem Solving and Teaching Math. The first is going to be great fun, and the second is going to be a lot of work. I might be posting problems from the first every now and then, when I get stuck. I also don't have my volleyball class until halfway through the semester--so far the year is starting out great! Now that I dropped Elec. Comm. I have only 15 and a half credits, and I'm not taking anymore! It will be nice not to overload myself with classes...just with other things. Cause in addition to Fish and being co-lighting with Jordan, and auditioning, I'm also going to lead a Bible study of Christian music--YEA! So that's a lot of stuff for one semester. Let's hope it all works out. Okay class is going to start soon so I'd better run. Later!

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