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I'm tired. I miss Chris. I miss naps with Chris.

I want to throw Katie's computer against a wall. BOOT FROM THE CD DRIVE!!!

CougarNet should die.

I never see Julie and that makes me sad.

If I hate complicating my life why do I do it all the time?

Pray for Katie and Anna, that everything fixes itself between them. I'm sure it will.

YEA! for history being canceled today.

I'm hungry, chapel may feed the soul but it's lousy for the stomach.

My hair went from straight to twists to sorta-dreds to poufy in the span of five days. It was fun. By Saturday it'll be straight again and no one will have seen the bizarre me. Oh, well.

I wanted to get at least one lead it college...and tonight's my last shot. Wish me luck.
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